Mom was evil and clipped my nails again...

but she brought me into one of the wet rooms... and there was water running... I don't trust that, the moment I could I RAN!! Under the bed too, where they never can get me!

But then, when I stuck my head out, that Tall Human grabbed me put me into the wet room! And in the wet tub, was what I thought was Venetia! She was crying and trying to get away... and she was WET!! I didn't like that, what happens to Venetia happens to me! I hid the best I could.

But it turns out the cat in there wasn't Venetia! But another cat instead! It looks kinda like venetia, but skinnier and more ragged! And she was wet! But I won't let another cat in this house! So I started to defend my territory, every time this cat comes, its growling time.

I must got scare away this new cat... I wonder where Venetia is...
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Where am I?

I have spent the last few days stuck in a plastic box. Which isn't that bad... but I wasn't allowed out. And when I was it was in some weird place I never been before. So I took up guarding the new rooms from under the beds. Nice place to keep watch.

The last couple of days have been at this same place. I dont like it. It's cold. Lots of new humans.... and DOGS!! I do NOT like dogs... they keep coming up to my window.... Evil dogs.

I think today I might do a little exploring and give up on my post of guarding the place from under the bed...
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ewww... I feel sick... I barfed all over the floor.... I feel sick... But I'm going to eat anyways.

Mean Mommy

Mommy keeps squirt me with that evil water bottle. I just want to go up to smell all the niffty things on the counters... They smell so good and taste so good. But mom got really mad at me and she musta dumped the whole bottle on me! BAD mom.

But I found a new sleeping place. Mom always rolls over on me when she sleeps and Venetia sleeps on her pillows so I found a space cubby Venetia can't get to! It's in that white thing mom keeps those weird things she puts on... its really comfy and soft!

Off to take a nap